How to create your first Facebook Ad campaign for your song.

Making your first Facebook ad campaign for your music can be overwhelming if you have never used Facebook Business Manager before. No need to worry if you haven’t I will be walking you through step by step on how to create your first campaign with no problems!

Before you begin this process I would highly suggest creating a compelling video ad for your song, I would recommend creating a few variations to see which performs the best.

Keep in mind this guide is made for a first time user and will not go into depth on optimizing and audience targeting.

Facebook Ads for Music

  1. Sign up for Facebook Business Manager here
  2. Connect your main artist Facebook and Instagram pages
  3. In another tab visit toneden create an account and create a smart link with your song
  4. Go to Facebook Business Manager, open the events manager tab and copy your pixel and paste it into the Facebook Pixel tracking on Toneden
  5. From Facebook Business Manager, open the ads manager
  6. Under campaigns go to create, and choose conversions as the campaign objective
  7. In your first AD set choose the Toneden conversion event, it should be something like view content
  8. Create a new audience using your predefined target market demographics (who is listening to your music)
  9. Choose a campaign budget for the AD set
  10. Depending on where you want your ad to show you can adjust the placement settings
  11. In the AD section choose the Facebook and Instagram pages you want the AD promoted through
  12. Upload the video ad you created earlier
  13. Add your Toneden smart link as the destination page
  14. Add a call to action button such as listen now
  15. Duplicate the AD set and repeat steps 8-14 until you have various ad sets and ads to test
  16. Publish your campaign and slowly optimize overtime based off which ads and ad sets are performing the best

A couple of final thoughts, start your AD sets with a high budget to get data quickly, slowly decrease the budget of poorly performing adsets and reallocating to high performing ad sets.

Also keep in mind you can now create a new audience based off of conversions on your smart link which can lead to better results on future campaigns

Most importantly keep track of your Spotify data while running this campaign to keep track of the results.

If you need more guided instructions or need any help in general feel free to contact us for a consultation

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