How to Pitch Your Music to Spotify Editorial Playlists

Anyone who has uploaded their music on Spotify has dreamed about making it onto a Spotify editorial playlist. These playlists are run by teams of editors who are music experts in their field and are constantly looking for the best music in their niche constantly.

To the average independent artist getting on these lists can seem impossible, but it is 100% possible for a 100% independent artist to be featured on these lists, and we have a few tips to help increase your chances.

It is important to pitch your music at least 1 week before the release date, this gives the editorial team plenty of time to hear your song, however I would recommend at least 2-4 weeks before the official release.

You can pitch your music via the Spotify For Artists dashboard. When pitching be authentic and tell the story of why you wrote your song.

If you are placed on an editorial list you will receive an email from Spotify along with a link to the playlist. This can take quite a while so be patient, we have had songs placed over 1 1/2 months after the release.

In the meantime it is important to make sure your release has positive engagement signals. This means saves, streams, and playlist adds. Focusing on these engagement signals can only help your chances on getting placed.

Until next time, best of luck!

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