How we grew to 150,000 Monthly Listeners on Spotify

Monthly listeners is a very often looked at metric in the digital music streaming world. Spotify displays this statistic right at the front of every artist profile, over metrics such as followers. Many artists will make milestone posts about their growth in relation to this number on social media, it is of course a number to be proud of, as it encapsulates the reach of your music.

In this post I am going to tell you exactly how we grew to over 150,000 monthly listeners across all our releases. I want to preface this by saying everyone has a different path and their are many ways to accomplish your goals, but this is how we did it—-

For our early releases we primarily focused on influencer marketing, working directly with curators, and using our own network for promotion.

When I say Influencer marketing I mean we reached out Instagram pages and Youtube channels and asked them to use our music. We did both paid and unpaid promotion.

I started working directly with curators who enjoyed our music and would add our songs to their playlists. Our label was also building its own playlist at the time where many brands and individuals would ask to do a “playlist swap” essentially adding each others songs to each others playlists if we liked the song, this made getting on genre specific playlists really helpful.

At the time I started the label I was also managing a few Instagram pages with a combined following of over 100,000 followers which helped promote our music in a similar way to other influencers.

We repeated the above methods until we hit around 50,000 monthly listeners. At this time we were getting great engagement from Spotify algorithmic playlists and we also began running Facebook ads to boost engagement during the first few weeks of a new release.

Once we had around 80,000 monthly listeners we were super blessed to be picked up by the Spotify editorial team which manage massive Spotify run playlists. These pushed us to where we are now.

Many hours of work have gone into both the promotion side as well as the music creation side of the business, but I believe anyone with good music, a good work ethic and the willingness to learn can grow on Spotify, it doesn’t matter if you’re completely independent or have a team, you can do this.


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