Profiting off Facebook Ads: The Long Tail of Streaming Royalties

When it comes to running Facebook ads one of the biggest questions I get is can it be ROI positive. When streaming platforms pay you a fraction of a cent per stream it may not initially make sense to send traffic that can cost 50 times more than the amount you’d make on a stream.Continue reading “Profiting off Facebook Ads: The Long Tail of Streaming Royalties”

How to Promote Your Music For Free: Sites We Use

There are tons of free resources across the internet that you can use to help promote your music. These are a few we use. Reddit – This is a great free to use resource to use as an artist as there are subreddits for nearly every genre of music. What I would recommend to youContinue reading “How to Promote Your Music For Free: Sites We Use”

How to Optimize Conversion Campaigns

So you’ve been running Facebook ads for your music for a while and you’re looking for ways to optimize your ad spend, if you haven’t read how to create your first campaign here. One of the strategies I have been using to optimize our campaigns is custom audiences and lookalike audiences, and they are surprisingContinue reading “How to Optimize Conversion Campaigns”

How to Make Ads For Your Music

Developing quality advertisements is essential when spending your marketing dollars on digital ads for your music. It is important that you create engaging ads that get people to your music, and not only that, but interact with it once they are there. This is how we build our ads; We primarily create all our adsContinue reading “How to Make Ads For Your Music”