How to Make Ads For Your Music

Developing quality advertisements is essential when spending your marketing dollars on digital ads for your music. It is important that you create engaging ads that get people to your music, and not only that, but interact with it once they are there.

This is how we build our ads;

We primarily create all our ads in Adobe After Effects focusing on some key elements;

  1. We always incorporate our brand imagery. This is to create a brand recognition across multiple releases. For us we use our rose logo and a consistent brand animation. For an artist who’s personal brand is tied to their music, showing your face or other key features that make you you is essential.
  2. We always include a call to action. Whether you are trying to get more followers, saves, or streams, direct your audience on what your want them to do.
  3. We always use captivating animations and motion graphics to keep viewers engaged on the ad. This can simple movement or more complex graphics. The whole idea is to keep the viewer engaged.
This is one of our video ads for converting followers

A couple of final thoughts

  1. If you don’t know how to use video editing software, outsource to someone who can create a high quality ad. This will save you a lot of money on ad spend.
  2. If you want to come up with new ideas for your ad creatives try seeing what other brands are doing with Facebook Ad Library

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