Growing an Email List as an Artist

When staying connected to your fans is the name of the game what tools are the most vital? Sure Spotify will email your followers when you drop new music, but it only links your fans to release radar and not your music. Well what about social media? It is a great tool for reaching new fans but you newer posts may not be reaching your existing followers.

So what can you do AS AN ARTIST?

The answer is to build your own line of direct communication that you can promote your music, merch, digital products, tickets and more while developing a closer relationship with your fans.

You can do this through email marketing.

How To Get Started

To get started on your email marketing journey you need to choose an email marketing provider that will allow you to run campaigns and build an email list. I would highly recommend GetResponse, which allows you to not only to build an email list but also build automation flows, landing pages, gives access to custom templates, and much more. You can also get a 30-day free trial here 😉

Once you have picked an email marketing provider you wish to work with you can start building your email list. As an Artist your primary marketing channel will probably be social media. However we would recommend using any platform you create content around your music on (tik tok, IG, YouTube, etc) here are some tips to get started.

  • Lead Magnets – This one is really simple and usually works the best. You essentially offer something for free to your fans, this could be a digital product, exclusive content, etc in exchange for joining your email list. Here is an example we use on our YouTube channel. We offer free wallpapers from artwork in our videos to act as a lead magnet.

From there, our fans are directed to a landing page where they can type in their email after which they receive a download link via email automatically all done through GetResponse‘s service.

  • Fan Club/Newsletter – If you don’t want to go the lead magnet route you can go the fan club route where your fans on social media can join to stay up to date on releases and all things related to your music

Why Have an Email List as an Artist?

There are many reasons you would want a direct line of communication with your fans that you are in control of, here are some of those reasons.

  • Free Direct Traffic – As you build an email list you are building a free traffic source for your brand over time. You can send this traffic to your music, to your merch store, or just stay in touch and keep the fire for your artist brand alive with your fans.
  • Monetization – As I mentioned before you now have your own platform through which you can sell digital products, merch, and music helping you monetize the artist brand you worked so hard to create.
  • Control – Social media sites like Instagram can limit your reach to your own followers meaning not all of your fans are going to be up to date with your music. With an email list, you can reach your fans at a much higher rate and have call to actions that are meaningful to your brand
  • Your Own Platform – As an independent artist you want to create a sustainable brand that can provide an income for yourself that doesn’t rely on luck and you have control over.

To summarize email marketing up for y’all; create content, collect your fan’s emails, use your email list as a source of traffic for all things surrounding your brand.

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