Clickfunnels for Artists

Clickfunnels For Artists

Clickfunnels is a powerful software that artists can use to effectively sell their art and music online, and monetize their passion.

The reason Clickfunnels is so effective for artists is because it is an easy to use website builder with an emphasis on utilizing sales funnels as a means to sell products.

Artists can use Clickfunnels to sell their art, merchandise, digital and physical products.

The difference between selling your art through a sales funnel and a normal website is quite dramatic.

The use of sales funnels is even recognized by Ecommerce Giants like Shopify as being essential to any business, including artist brands.

As an artist here is how you should utilize Clickfunnels

  1. Capture leads – this can be as simple as utilizing a lead magnet like free art downloads. From there you now have a potential customer on your email list who can proceed further in your marketing funnel. If you want to learn more about generating leads for your artist or music business, click here.
  2. Send your leads to your front-end offer, this could be a digital download of one of your prints, a never-before-heard song, or anything that your audience would love to purchase from you!
  3. Once your audience purchases your front-end offer you can offer one-click upsells like custom artwork or tickets to your shows or even merch! This step will increase your profitability for your artist brand tremendously!

You can easily implement every step described above using Clickfunnels!

What are the pros and cons of using clickfunnels?


  • Easy to use, drag and drop interface
  • Amazing, supportive, and helpful community
  • Ability to build high converting sales funnels with ease
  • Can sell both physical and digital products easily
  • Integrates well with other essential business-building software
  • Easy to integrate Pixels


  • Expensive compared to other website builders
  • Limited design options
  • Customer Support typically takes longer than 24 hours

What if I am just getting started?

A lot of artists and musicians are amazing at their craft but struggle when it comes to monetizing that craft. It can be difficult to learn the best ways to sell your products or even create marketable products from your art to begin with.

If you in the boat of trying to figure out your actual offer to your audience and want to learn how to start building sales funnels along the way I would highly recommend The ‘One Funnel Away’ Challenge which teaches you exactly how to create an offer made for your audience and teaches you how to build an effective sales funnel.

In conclusion, Clickfunnels is an amazing software that can help artists monetize their passions. And as always if you want to learn more about marketing and building an artist brand click here to explore our other blog posts.

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