The Direct Traffic Method

The Best Way to Market Your Music and Products in 2021

Marketing your music and building a brand can be challenging. It can often be hard to know the best place to start. If that sounds like you, then you are in the right place and the direct traffic method is for you.

The direct traffic method is the exact framework we have used to market Roadetrix Records music releases as well as various products successfully. The DTM focuses on using direct traffic sources to reach relevant listeners and customers.

The DTM framework teaches the fundamentals of driving traffic to your music and building a fanbase that cares about you. We have uses this exact strategy to grow our own label releases, our music business resources, and when we work one on one with our clients.

The best part about using this framework is it will help you get on playlists without ever sending your music to a curator, help you get more streams and sales for your music, and help you build a strong fanbase.

The Direct Traffic Method Framework has allowed our own music brand…

– To build amazing relationships with brands, artists and labels in our niche
– Generate millions of streams for our music
– Help us scale and grow our music brand in a sustainable way 

What do you get with the direct traffic method?

If having a sustainable strategy to build your business and market your music isn’t enough the DTM, comes with a load of bonuses. (The actual framework is taught via video and has a implementation guide as well which shows you step by step how to start integrating the strategy)

  1. The Direct Traffic Method E Book – the Direct Traffic Method Guide goes in-depth on the strategy and tactics to use this framework effectively for your brand in an e book format that you can print or download
  2. Access to the Music Marketing Discord Server – Instant access to our discord server which you can use to ask music marketing related questions and connect with Roadetrix Records
  3. The Ideal Listener Guide and Worksheet – The ideal listener guide + worksheet will help you determine precisely who your music is for and how best to reach them 
  4. The New Release Planner – The New Release Planner is a downloadable pdf planner that you can print out and use to plan your content and marketing strategies for your music releases as well as help you reflect and set goals for your music brand
  5. The Music Marketers Toolbelt – An in depth look at the tools we have used over the years to grow Roadetrix Records all in one place

Thats a heck of a deal for only $7. The best part is that this framework is accessible to all artists and it gives the Roadetrix Records team a greater opportunity to work with more artists closely.

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