How to Be Successful In Music

Why Every Brand Needs a Marketing Funnel

Any artist, producer, or musician who wants to know how to be successful in music needs to be building a marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is a process, you create that takes a listener from a cold audience and fosters a relationship between your brand and them that turns them into a super fan and creates revenue for your business along the way.

Stages of a Marketing Funnel

I will take you through a variation of a marketing funnel designed around artists, music brands, and how to be successful in music below.

Awareness: This is the top part of your marketing funnel. This is the stage in which your ideal listeners discover you for the first time. There are several top-of-funnel marketing strategies that you can implement most of which we cover in the direct traffic method.

For artists and musicians, the most common examples of this discovery phase will be your ideal listener engaging with your music in an active setting on music store platforms like Spotify or through your content on social media platforms, YouTube, etc. It is important that your marketing funnel has a clear process for your ideal listeners who just discovered you to become leads part of your community. This could be done through remarketing to warm audiences with a new objective of lead generation, or highly engaged listeners may decide to follow you on Social media, join your discord server, subscribe to your email list or SMS list, etc.

Interest: This is part of the middle of your marketing funnel where you are fostering a relationship with your ideal listener through a newsletter, community, dms, content, or text. The people within this step of your marketing funnel discovered your music during the awareness phase and made the decision to join your community in some form. Now they are a part of your community it is your job to foster a relationship with them.

You can foster a relationship with your ideal listener by creating content, remarketing to them, engaging with them on social media or your discord server/groups, sending them your newsletter telling your story, etc.

The important part of the interest phase is that your brand remains at the top of the mind of your ideal listener.

Desire: This is another part of the middle of your marketing funnel. People in this stage of your funnel should know exactly who you are, and have taken interest in your brand, and engage with your brand in some way. This could be engaging with your content, being active in your community, opening your emails, or simply keeping up with you in general. People within the desire phase of your marketing funnel will ultimately enter your sales funnels where they can purchase from you.

At this point, your ideal listener will begin to consider your higher ticket offers outside of your music. They become aware of these offers through your email marketing campaigns, social media, or the other avenues you have available for keeping your ideal listeners interested in your brand.

There are several types of offers you can have available to your ideal listeners and potential fans. A few common examples are merch (see how to start selling merch here), shows, private label products, digital products, etc. It is important that you understand your ideal listener so that you can create a valuable offer for them. If your offer doesn’t provide your ideal listener value, you won’t generate sales.

Purchase: This stage is part of the bottom of your marketing funnel. The people who have made it to this stage of the funnel have purchased from you, supported your brand in some way, and are now considered “true fans”.

The purchase stage of your marketing funnel will produce the majority of your music brand’s revenue. Remarketing in this stage of the funnel is very important as your fans who have purchased from you before are likely to purchase from you again in the future.

Super Fans: This is the last stage of your marketing funnel we will talk about in this post. The people in this stage of the funnel not only have purchased from you, but they are brand ambassadors who share your message, music, and brand within their own communities.

This “brand ambassador” will share your music with their friends and introduce new people into your marketing funnel. A true superfan is someone who introduces cold audiences to your brand.

This is where your relationship with your ideal listener is very important as well as your music brand’s message. In order to have true superfans, your brand’s mission and vision have to be a part of your fan’s life.

Why You Need To Understand Your Marketing Funnel

Understanding your marketing funnel is essential to how you go about marketing. When launching a marketing campaign you must consider which stage of your marketing funnel will you be reaching? Are you reaching a cold audience who has never heard of you before? Are you reaching a potential fan who has been following your music and content for a while?

If you know which stage you are creating a marketing campaign for you will know how to better communicate with that particular stage. For example, your marketing campaign for your top of the funnel may be a pre-save campaign with the objective of driving traffic to your music store pages, while your middle of funnel campaign will be focused on introducing warm audiences to your merch sales funnel.

You need to communicate differently between your ideal listeners at the top of your funnel and your fans at the bottom of your marketing funnel.

You also need to understand not everyone who enters your marketing funnel will exit a super fan. Most of your relevant traffic will never move beyond the interest phase. The rate at which your ideal listener will make it through your funnel will all depend on the quality of your business and it’s operations.

How to Build A Marketing Funnel For Your Music Brand

You can get access to the Marketing Funnel Blueprint for artists by clicking the link below. This is a free guide that gives you an in-depth marketing funnel template you can utilize for your own music brand and how to become successful in music.

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