How to Market Your Music in 2021

Learning how to market your music in 2021 is a vital aspect of your long-term success as a music brand. In this article, we will dive into 3 ways to market your brand online.

Cold Audiences Versus Warm Audiences

Before diving into the actual tactics of marketing your music we have to understand the difference between a cold audience and a warm audience.

Cold audiences are people who have not interacted with or have knowledge of your brand.

Warm audiences are comprised of people who have knowledge of or interacted with your brand.

Depending on the type of audience you are reaching, and the stage of your marketing funnel they are at-will determine the copy, messaging, and strategy behind your marketing campaigns when it comes to how to market your music in 2021.

The End Goal Of Marketing Your Music

When determining how to market your music in 2021 it is important to understand your end goal or objective.

You may say your objective is to get more streams on a song or to grow your social media following, but in reality, the end goal is not just to “increase” your followers or streams, it is to grow and land your audience.

Landing your audience means having a way to retarget your warm audiences in a sustainable way you control so that you can foster a relationship with this audience and create super fans for your music brand who will engage with your brand at a deeper level or buy your merch.

An example of landing your audience could be utilizing content marketing to reach cold audiences and utilizing a pre-save campaign to capture emails effectively “landing” your audience so you may continue to foster a relationship with your ideal listener.

As you start learning how to market your music in 2021, keep in mind the end objective of growing your fanbase.

3 Ways to Market Your Music in 2021

Below you will find 5 methods going over how to market your music in 2021.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the cornerstone of online marketing and advertising for any digital brand in almost any industry in 2021. Content marketing helps maintain and provide a digital presence online, creates authority for your brand, and helps foster a relationship with your ideal listener or customer. All in all content marketing is an important step in learning to grow your music brand and how to market your music in 2021.

Content marketing is essentially creating content around your music in various forms such as written, photo, short-form video, long-form video, short-form audio, and long-form audio.

The end objective of making content around your music is more about building a relationship with your audience > going viral.

Some examples of types of content you can create (using any format short form/long form) include but are not limited to; telling your story, showcasing how you created a song, fan/friend reactions, remixing trends to fit your niche, performances (live, music videos, etc).

2. Paid Media

This is one of my favorite methods of marketing that I personally utilize for both music marketing and marketing our agency.

Paid media includes utilizing platforms like Facebooks Business Manager or Google Ads to run paid advertisements on digital platforms.

What makes paid media so special is the ability to target specific groups of people that are relevant to the objective you are trying to accomplish. You can target both cold and warm audiences and paid media is very beneficial when trying to reach audiences at specific points of your marketing funnel or listener journey.

It is important to note that paid media and content marketing go hand in hand as you have the ability to utilize well-performing organic content and retarget your audience making it an effective tool when it comes to how to market your music in 2021.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is creating relationships with brands and content creators who are already reaching your ideal listener.

This can include anything from blogs and YouTube Music channels to social media influencers.

The nature of your relationship with these brands can include friendships, partnerships, and transactional relationships. We talk more about networking and relationships in our post on growing a music brand.

The best way to find relevant influencers to build a relationship with is by immersing yourself in your niche. Immersion will help you understand your genre’s player map and provide relevant opportunities over time.

Final thoughts

As mentioned before it is important to utilize these marketing strategies in a way that helps you grow your audience and foster a relationship with said audience. This is why having a solid understanding of your marketing funnel is essential when learning how to market your music in 2021 successfully.

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