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We put out projects every month in the lofi/chillhop scene. We work with several amazing producers and can listen to our catalog below.

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How to Market Your Music in 2021

Learning how to market your music in 2021 is a vital aspect of your long-term success as a music brand. In this article, we will dive into 3 ways to market your brand online. Cold Audiences Versus Warm Audiences Before diving into the actual tactics of marketing your music we have to understand the difference…

How to Build a Fanbase

Building a fanbase, a group of loyal listeners who purchase from your music brand as well as act as brand ambassadors for your music brand is the ultimate goal most artist brands set out to achieve. That’s why I created this ultimate guide on how to build a fanbase for artists, musicians, producers, and brands.…

How to Build a Music Brand

Every single musician, producer, or artist who is trying to turn their passion for music into a career needs to know how to build a music brand. You need to treat your music brand like it is a music business As an artist is is absolutely wonderful that you are creating dope music, and you…

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