The Direct Traffic Method

The Best Way to Market Your Music and Products in 2021 Marketing your music and building a brand can be challenging. It can often be hard to know the best place to start. If that sounds like you, then you are in the right place and the direct traffic method is for you. The directContinue reading “The Direct Traffic Method”

How we grew to 150,000 Monthly Listeners on Spotify

Monthly listeners is a very often looked at metric in the digital music streaming world. Spotify displays this statistic right at the front of every artist profile, over metrics such as followers. Many artists will make milestone posts about their growth in relation to this number on social media, it is of course a numberContinue reading “How we grew to 150,000 Monthly Listeners on Spotify”

Roadetrix Records

Written for artists all around the world. Roadetrix Records is a dedicated music label focused on providing information on music marketing and promotion. We have a deep seeded passion to create platforms that allow individuals to pursue their passions both from a standpoint of monetization as well as general success. Our purpose is to helpContinue reading “Roadetrix Records”