How to Make Money From Music

Six Ways To Make Money From Your Music If you are a music maker, artist, or producer making money from your own creative passion is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. But building a music business is a process that takes a lot of time and energy to do right. Not to mention the sheer amountContinue reading “How to Make Money From Music”

How to Pitch Your Music to Spotify Editorial Playlists

Anyone who has uploaded their music on Spotify has dreamed about making it onto a Spotify editorial playlist. These playlists are run by teams of editors who are music experts in their field and are constantly looking for the best music in their niche constantly. To the average independent artist getting on these lists canContinue reading “How to Pitch Your Music to Spotify Editorial Playlists”

How to Monetize Your Music

Monetizing your music can be extremely overwhelming for an independent musician as there is so much information to wrap your head around. In this post I am going to be breaking down several ways to monetize your music. Distributing to Streaming Services/Digital Stores – The most common way to monetize your music that you knowContinue reading “How to Monetize Your Music”

Roadetrix Records

Written for artists all around the world. Roadetrix Records is a dedicated music label focused on providing information on music marketing and promotion. We have a deep seeded passion to create platforms that allow individuals to pursue their passions both from a standpoint of monetization as well as general success. Our purpose is to helpContinue reading “Roadetrix Records”